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Bob and Happy Doran
George Lewis
The W. Nicholas Thorndike Family

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The Charles Engelhard Foundation
Barbara and Amos B. Hostetter, Jr.
Jonathan M. and Beth H. Payson
The Nathaniel Saltonstall Arts Fund
Jeanne and Don Stanton
Ernst and Gail von Metzsch
William and Clara Wainwright

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Dorothy and David Arnold
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John and Ann Clarkeson
Graham and Ann Gund
Elizabeth B. Johnson
Joyce and Edward Linde
Phyllis Anina Moriarty

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Nicholas and Nancy Adams
Rand L. and Cheryl Alexander
Deborah L. Allinson and Thomas J. Lamb
Stephen and Betty Jane Andrus
James H. and Janet Averill
Harriet and Don Belin
Paul and Catherine Braverman
Susan and Lewis P. Cabot
Maryann Carroll
Sarah Ryan Chandler
Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute
John F. Cogan and Mary L. Cornille
Georgia and Charlie Cunningham
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Arthur and Diane Dion
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Alan Fink and Barbara Swan
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Martin and Deborah Hale
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Ted Stebbins and Susan Ricci
The Stephen and Sybil Stone Foundation
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